Cosmetic Surgery: Face Care

Face Lift

This procedure is an ideal choice for rejuvenation of the mid and lower face. Over time, the lower cheeks or jowls can sag. This procedure provides long lasting aesthetic improvements to the mid and lower face, jawline, and chin.

Forehead and Brow Lift

Drooping or deep forehead lines can cause an angry or tired appearance even when you feel happy and rested. With a forehead lift, the forehead skin is lifted, creating a tighter, more youthful, and ultimately, a more cheerful and rested appearance.

Chin and Cheek Enhancement

The cheeks and chin play an important role in facial balance. Enhancing these areas can improve your overall appearance. Cheek augmentation can restore the volume we lose as our face begins to age. Chin augmentation can build up a small chin and improve overall facial proportions.


A nose job is done to either reconstruct the nose for cosmetic reasons or to restore function from a defect or trauma. An ideal nose is natural looking and well balanced with your face. Small changes to the nose can make a profound effect on self-confidence and appearance.


It is often said the eyes are the window to the soul. As a result, eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly performed facial cosmetic surgery procedures because it has immediate, noticeable, and lasting results.Blepharoplasty can improve the appearance of the eyelids and/or vision by trimming away the excess tissue that can make your eyes look tired, aged, or stressed. Of course, with this procedure like most cosmetic procedures, it will help create a more youthful look.

Fat Transfer

Again, this procedure is spectacular! Fat is extracted from a problem area (often the abdomen or thighs) and transferred to an area of concern (such as cheeks, lips, or deep facial lines). The fat extracted/transferred is your own living tissue so it is permanent and natural in texture and appearance.