Just Nurses

Nurse Recruitment

At MRHC, our nursing staff is small enough to feel like family, yet large enough to challenge your skills. Our administration is extremely “nurse friendly” and has instituted the Shared Governance Model, which allows nurses to express and manage their practices with a greater level of autonomy.

Our nursing staff also enjoys:

  • Self scheduling.
  • Provide comprehensive orientation upon hire then placed with a unit based preceptor.
  • Extern program and the clinical site for several area schools of nursing.
  • Low nurse/patient ratio.
  • Competitive salary/benefit package.
  • Individual Care “community – you care for friends and family.”
  • Clinical and hospital educators are available to provide for your education needs.

MRHC is committed to the “Service Excellence Initiative.” This program enhances the patient experience and employee satisfaction. As an excellent model for delivering health care, it empowers each nurse with flexibility and autonomy to practice excellence with every patient.