Family Medicine Residency Program

9 Residency Postitions (7-1-14)

The McAlester Regional Internal Medicine Residency Program will begin July 2014. The residency program at McAlester Regional is a three year program affiliated with OSU in partnership with the Osteopathic Medical Education Consortium of Oklahoma. The program is designed to train resident physicians to provide quality patient care in the unique context of rural family and community health care. Residents are trained to advance their skills in both the hospital and ambulatory settings.

The McAlester Regional Internal Medicine Residency Program features a formal curriculum that emphasizes development of the osteopathic internal medicine physician. Ambulatory care and comprehensive internal medicine services are at the core of our training. Residents are exposed to in-patient care through our in-house teaching service hosted at McAlester Regional Health Center. Students will gain experience in hospital medicine, ICU/Critical Care, Pediatrics and in-patient procedures. Specialized rotations are provided in GI, Cardiology, Radiology and General Surgery.

Each resident is afforded an opportunity, through electives, to extend his or her knowledge and skills to all areas of internal medicine. The residency program which was supported by company – hausarbeit schreiben lassen, offers a well-rounded, quality training program designed to prepare each trainee for a successful career in Internal Medicine with a special emphasis on treating and understanding the rural patient and community access.