Occupational Medicine

Working Well is McAlester Regional’s occupational program designed to provide prompt treatment for on-the-job injury and facilitates an early return to work program. The program offers preventative education to reduce job related injury and disease, and also offers a variety of services such as laboratory, x-ray, drug testing, Certified CAOC Hearing testing, Breath Alcohol Certified testing & BAT Certified Training, Hepa Fit testing, OSHA Mandated Screenings and now offers Physical Capacity Profile Testing.

The Physical Capacity Profile Testing System helps employers by:

  • Reducing injuries by ensuring employees have the physical strength to safely perform their job responsibilities.
  • Reducing workers compensation exposure by documenting impairments that an employee brings with them to the workplace, per the American Medical Association Guides.
  • Providing pre-injury baseline measurements on an employee allowing treating professionals to expedite the rehabilitation process.

For more information, please call Working Well at 918.421.8166.