Mercy Clinic

Phone:   918-421-6795

McAlester Regional Health Center and Dr. Lori Peters help McAlester’s most vulnerable residents at the weekly Mercy Clinic.

Mercy Clinic patients are treated by Dr. Lori Peters and resident physicians of McAlester Regional Health Center in the Southeast Clinic Family Medicine suite. The patients are seen for free once they are approved for Mercy Clinic. Mercy Clinic patients are seen during regular Southeast Clinic Family Medicine hours for treatment of chronic health conditions. By incorporating Mercy Clinic into Southeast Clinic Family Medicine, patients have better access to their doctors and overall improved health.

Dr. Peters provides necessary and needed services for patients who may otherwise not receive healthcare. The effort and dedication help keep our community safe and healthy.

Mercy Clinic Contact Information

Doctors, nurses or other volunteers who wish to help may contact McAlester Regional Health Center Foundation Director Chris Plunkett at 918-421-6767.


10 S. 3rd Street

Mcalester, OK 74501


Monday – Friday
7:30 am- 4:30 pm

Limited appointments daily. Must call for appointment!