What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for hospitalized patients. 

How does the Hospitalist know about me?

While you are a patient at McAlester Regional Health Center, your Hospitalist talks to your primary care physician frequently. Here’s how it works:

  • When you are admitted to MRHC, your physician calls the Hospitalist to inform him or her of your condition and sends records to the hospital to provide needed information about your illness. (This process is similar to when your doctor refers you to a specialist.)
  • During your hospitalization, your Hospitalist will supervise your care and consult with your family physician about your treatment. 
  • When you are discharged from MRHC, your Hospitalist will get in touch with your physician to discuss further treatment, arrange follow-up care, prescribe medications, and send hospital records to your physician.

How does it work?

The Hospitalist will be there for you throughout your stay. During your stay, the Hospitalist will:

  • Assess and treat your medical condition.
  • Keep your physician informed of your progress. 
  • Coordinate hospital care including all diagnostic testing such as x-rays, blood tests or other exams. 
  • Arrange specialty care, therapy or consultations with other medical professionals. Transition your medical care back to your primary care physician upon discharge.

How is my doctor involved?

Your physician continues to be interested in your well being and is available for phone consultation. With more medical care moving to the outpatient setting, there are more and more demands on physicians in their office practices. By using a dedicated team of hospital-based physicians who focus on inpatient care, your hospital care is enhanced.

How will my doctor know what is happening during my stay in the hospital?

Your doctor is aware of the fact you are here and has requested the services of the hospitalists to care for you. If admitted through the ER, your physician is notified upon your admission and will be kept informed of changes that occur while you are with us. Once you are discharged, your doctor is notified and details of your hospitalization will be communicated in writing. Every effort is made to assure a smooth transition to your primary care physician.

When will I see my primary care physician?

Your Hospitalist and primary care physician will consult with each other about your progress as needed. You will see your primary care physician again after your discharge from MRHC in his or her office for continued treatment.

What are the benefits of receiving care from a Hospitalist?

There are many benefits of receiving care from our team of Hospitalists. They: 

  • Are close at hand because they work in McAlester Regional Health Center.
  • Can see you more than once a day if needed. 
  • Know every specialist and department in MRHC. 
  • Can quickly follow up on tests and adjust treatment regimens as needed throughout the day. 
  • Are available to talk about your care.