Women’s Imaging Center

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McAlester Regional Women’s Imaging Center keeps convenience and comfort in mind and provides the highest quality in women’s health care diagnostics with state-of-the-art technology.

Breast MRI

MRI is a newer sophisticated technique used in conjunction with mammography and ultrasound to evaluate and detect breast disease. Breast MRI is utilized for the following reasons:

  • The monitoring of high risk patients
  • Evaluation of dense breast tissue
  • Pre and Post surgical patients
  • Staging of breast cancer (BCA) and treatment planning
  • Evaluation of implant integrity
  • Detection of BCA in women with breast implants

Digital Mammography

Mammograms are an essential part of women’s preventative health care. The Women’s Center includes the finest in digital mammography and CAD mammography (Computer Aided Detection). CAD is designed to point out areas of suspicion in the breast tissue, giving the radiologist a second opportunity to detect even the smallest lesions of abnormality. For our comfort, we offer the Women’s Soft Touch MammoPad, a sponge-like cushion placed on the mammogram machine resulting in a 50% increase in comfort. As a partner with MRHC Women’s Imaging Center,its team of radiologists provide all digital mammography interpretations.


Stereotactic Biopsy

Along with digital spot imaging, the Women’s Center also provides stereotactic biopsy. Stereotactic biopsy is very helpful when mammography shows a mass or tiny cluster of calcifications, or to help diagnose an area of abnormal tissue change.

This outpatient procedure allows the physician to sample breast tissue through a less invasive technique using local anesthesia with little or no stitches and minimal scarring.

As a partner with MRHC Women’s Imaging Center,  and its team of radiologists provide all digital mammography interpretations.

The Women’s Imaging Center is pleased to have Dr. Martin Hayes as the facility’s Medical Director. Dr. Hayes provides stereotactic and ultrasound guided biopsies.

Bone Density

Osteoporosis, in general, is silent and progressive and is treated best when diagnosed early. Therefore, one of the reasons for the importance of measuring bone mineral density is to provide a diagnosis of osteoporosis before the first fracture occurs. The Women’s Imaging Center offers the combination of Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and Instant Vertebral Assessment (IVA) studies that enable physicians to visually assess vertebral status for a more accurate evaluation of fracture risk than BMD alone.


The Center provides ultrasound or sonography for general, obstetrical, gynecological, breast and ultrasound guided procedures such as biopsies and needle aspirations.

For parents wanting that first photo, 3D/4D is also available at the Women’s Center. Parents may schedule sessions at $75 for 15 minutes or $135 for 30 minutes. At the time of service, a signed physician’s release must be provided stating the first gestational ultrasound has been performed. For scheduling call 918-421-8133.

Self Referrals

For your convenience, women may call and schedule their own mammogram screenings and bone density exams. The Women’s Imaging Center supports women who are proactive in their health care decisions. MRHC wants ladies to remember the importance of bone density studies, breast self exam, mammography and yearly clinical breast exams with a physician. We recommend that patients be aware of their last mammogram to ensure that it has been at least one year and a day since the previous exam. Many insurances require 366 days between screenings to provide coverage.


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