Cosmetic Surgery: Breast Care


Large breasts are known to cause back, neck and shoulder pain, can put restrictions on physical activity, and can cause feelings of self-consciousness. A reduction removes some of the tissue and skin from the breast to reduce the size and reshape the breast. Not only will your breasts be smaller and lighter, but also firmer and in a much better position on your chest.


Breast liposuction is another option to reduce the size of breasts or provide a more symmetric appearance. This procedure is performed with very minute scars compared with traditional breast reduction for the right candidates.


Breast lift surgery can enhance your appearance and self confidence. Due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, weight fluctuation and aging, a woman’s breasts begin to lose their youthful shape. A breast lift raises and firms the breast that still has volume by reshaping, tightening, and removing the sagging breast tissue and loose skin giving them a firmer and perkier appearance.


Whether the size and shape of your breasts have changed due to pregnancy or weight loss, or you’ve just always thought your breasts were too small, breast augmentation may be the procedure for you.

Lift & Augmentation

For breasts that have lost shape and volume, a breast lift and augmentation is a great choice. The breast lift raises and firms the breast by removing the excess skin, and implants are inserted to add volume. The end result is perkier breasts with nipples in a more ideal position.

Implant Exchange

Over time, implants need to be exchanged for various reasons. These can range from minor cosmetic reasons such as wanting smaller or larger implants to more complicated problems such as disproportion, painful implants, or implant rupture. Since your breast tissue has already been altered, you want a surgeon who has the knowledge and surgical skill to achieve optimal results for your unique situation.