Family Practice Residency Program

12 Residency Positions (2-5-17)

Pre-Accredited by the ACGME

Site Inspection Complete

Fellowships available: Hospitalist, Emergency Medicine

Hospitalist fellowship: Approved in 2016 this program focuses on the family physician who wishes to pursue in depth training in hospital procedures.  The fellowship consist of an adjunct faculty role. Procedures learned will include intubation, central line placement, paracentesis, and thoracentesis.  Regular involvement with academics and presentation at a regional,state, or national conference. The opportunity to admit and manage pediatric/newborn patients is also available.

Emergency Medicine: Approved to start in 2016 this program will consist of supervised shifts in our level 3 trauma center and shifts in our associated level 4 and critical access hospitals.  Physicians wishing to pursue extra training will become competent in intubation, central line placement, incision and drainage, bedside ultrasound, thoracentesis, laceration repair, orthopedic initial management, paracenteis, cricothyrotomy and others as indicated.

Extended training: Endoscopy

This extended training in progress is available to a physician wishing to stay in the Pittsburg County area. Time and opportunity will be made available to work with an experienced GI doctor with focus on EGD and Colonoscopy. This is not a paid opportunity and must be performed in conjunction with clinic or other practice in the area.



The McAlester Regional Family Medicine Residency Program will begin its third year in July 2015. The residency program at McAlester Regional is a three year program affiliated with OSU in partnership with the Osteopathic Medical Education Consortium of Oklahoma. The program is designed to train resident physicians to provide quality patient care in the unique context of rural family and community health care.

The program's philosophy is that Family Medicine is the cornerstone of medical practice. The program is broad in scope and built upon a core of knowledge and skills derived from traditional osteopathic medical principals and surgical models. Residents are exposed to in-patient care through our in-house teaching service hosted at McAlester Regional Health Center. Additionally, residents receive patient care training at the Southeast Family Practice Associates learning outpatient and ambulatory care by interacting with patients, their families and clinic staff. Each resident is afforded an opportunity, through electives, to extend his or her knowledge and skills to all areas of primary care. The residency program offers a well-rounded, quality training program in family medicine designed to prepare each trainee for a successful career in family medicine with a special emphasis on treating and understanding the rural patient and community access.



Residency Program Grows (9-7-16)

McAlester Regional Health Center’s Physician Residency Program continues to be a top choice for new doctors, with three specialists graduating in June 2016 just as three new residents arrived on campus.  Joining the MRHC Family Medicine program in June were Dr. Jonathan Rohloff, Dr. Christine Tavakoli and Dr. John Joyave. Rohloff and Joyave are graduates of Lincoln Memorial University’s Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine at Harrogate, Tenn. Tavakoli graduated Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine at Fort Worth, Texas.  The three new doctors join Family Medicine Doctors of Osteopathy Clay Bowen, Jennifer Kim, William Kinderknecht, Dami Akingbola, Chelsea Berges and Lori Peters. Each licensed doctor in the residency program works at MRHC for three years as a requirement in the medical specialty of Family Medicine.

(Left to Right:  Drs. John Joyave, Christine Tavakoli, and Jonathan Rohloff)

large_PGY1 team sm_0.jpg

Graduating from the program June 30 were new Family Medicine specialists Dr. Stephanie Patyk, Dr. Andrew Ryals and Dr. Laura Jennings.

(Left to Right:  Drs. Stephanie Patyk, Andrew Ryals, and Laura Jennings)


“We are proud to graduate these new doctors into the medical field of family medicine,” said Jason Bray, Chief Information Officer for MRHC. “Helping grow new doctors is important to us, and McAlester Regional Health Center is a pleased to welcome our newest doctors on campus each year.”  Each Family Medicine resident sees patients through the Southeast Clinic at MRHC.  The Family Medicine physicians practice under the direct supervision of Dr. Carol Gambrill, Family Medicine practitioner at MRHC’s Southeast Clinic.  Dr. Jason McElyea is the MRHC Director of Medical Education. Each week, he meets with the doctors formally to review patient cases and procedures, and presents a lecture. The physicians also work on a research project as part of their residency.