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2nd Annual Murder Mystery – March 9, 2018 at Southeast Expo Center

A Fistful of Hollers

Welcome to the western town of “Dry Gulp”.

You have been invited to a party thrown by Digger Deep. He’s the local mortician who is trying to drum up a little business.

How does a funeral home drum up business? By inviting Nasty Nate, the local bad guy to the party.

Surely they’ll be a “killin” or two. But guess who gets “kilt”?

I guess we’ll have to call on that crack detective, Squint Leastwood to find out who did it! Someone you know? Or maybe it was you?

You’ll meet lots of fun characters! Characters like Fanny Dango, Wyatt Burp, and Messy James and lot’s of others! We promise a wild ride at “A Fistful of  Hollars!”

Don’t forget to wear your boots, ’cause it’s gonna get pretty deep!

The TLC Wig Closet at McAlester Regional Health Center helps individuals through supplying wigs, caps, scarves and other personal items, at no cost, to those who have lost their hair while battling cancer.