Urgent Care Typical Visit

When you need McAlester Urgent Care for your illness or injury, we are here!  The following information is provided to make your visit as smooth as possible.

What should I bring?

  • Driver's license or photo I.D.
  • Most recent insurance card (if you have insurance)
  • Cash, credit card, or check for the co-pay or visit fee
  • List of Current Medications

The Registration Process

When you arrive at McAlester Urgent Care you will need to sign in at the registration window and will be asked to complete the following forms:

Patient Registration Form

Privacy Practices Form

For your convenience, the above forms can be printed and completed prior to your arrival at Urgent Care.  After obtaining the completed forms, the receptionist will photocopy your insurance card and driver's license.

The Visit

Following the registration process, you will be escorted by a nurse to one of our treatment rooms where she will record the reason for your visit.  She will also take your medical history and obtain your vital signs.  Shortly thereafter, you will be seen by one of our Providers who will examine you and determine your condition.  If x-rays or simple labs are ordered, these will be carried out immediately at our on-site facilities.  If specialized imaging studies are indicated, we will schedule these for you.  If specialized lab tests are needed, we will collect the samples and arrange for processing.


You will receive a diagnosis of your condition accompanied by the Provider's treatment plan, prescriptions, and follow-up instructions.  Referrals and consultations with area specialists will be arranged as needed.

At the end of your visit, a nurse will escort you to our payment window.  We accept most insurance plans and will file your claim for you.  Payments due can be made in form of cash, check, or major credit card.