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Have a happy and safe holiday weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

The following statement is from the McAlester Regional Health Care Authority Board of Trustees.

The board of trustees of the McAlester Regional Health Care Authority would like to take this opportunity to correct several false and misleading accusations made by Mr. Randy Green.

Recently, Mr. Green has posted false and slanderous statements about MRHCA, its leadership, and its actions, all of which has the potential to undermine the public’s trust in the hospital. Contrary to Mr. Green’s remarks, the hospital is financially secure and well-managed.

CEO David Keith has the full support and confidence of the MRHCA Board of Trustees.
Mr. Green seems to misunderstand the Authority’s status as a legal entity. MRHCA is a public trust – not a municipality. As such, Mr. Keith has the right to execute contracts, engage legal counsel, and delegate authority as any CEO would do.

Mr. Green has repeatedly raised questions about MRHCA’s use of sales tax. The only sales tax the Authority receives is the MRHCA Cancer Treatment Center Sales Tax. Those funds are kept in a separate account to be used only for the Cancer Treatment Center. The funds have not been used for other purposes, as Mr. Green claims.

MRHCA’s bidding procedure and subsequent contract with True Solutions has also been called into question by Mr. Green. As he suggests, MRHCA did indeed enter into a contract with True Solutions in 2019. However, after receiving a complaint alleging that proper bidding procedures were not followed, MRHCA unwound the contract, and re-opened and advertised the bidding process. Although KleanRUs was advised of the opportunity to bid and toured MRHCA, True Solutions was the only vendor to submit a bid.

Based on this low response, the Authority has chosen once again to open the process. To avoid a lapse in sanitation and environmental quality, True Solutions is temporarily overseeing the environmental services; all labor is provided by hospital employees.

Again, Mr. Green’s characterization of these events falsely paints a picture of impropriety. MRHCA denies all allegations of intentional misconduct.
Transparency is a priority for MRHCA. As such, all board minutes, agendas, and other documents, including Mr. Keith’s employment contract, can be found at

The McAlester Regional Health Care Authority Board of Trustees is proud of the work done by David Keith and his leadership team. At a time when rural healthcare has been hurting, and many hospitals have closed their doors, MRHCA has thrived and even expanded. The board will not sit idly and allow the hospital’s good name to be tarnished.
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Aside from your statement, why is a City of McAlester owned hospital spending monies in Eufaula and Atoka for healthcare facilities and we understand Poteau is planned. None of these facilities located outside the McAlester city limits benefit McAlester taxpayers who own the hospital?

I know from personal experience the board doesn’t ask enough questions of the CEO and the things that go on or else things would definitely have changed a long time ago. That place is being run worse than ever and if you see differently you should drop by and get an eye exam somewhere.

My question , if Our Great hospital is so financially secure, why did they lay off so many great employees. Employees that were loyal to the hospital. Why would they spend monies on Atoka, Eufaula and possibly Poteau, when they closed our Urgent Care ? McAlester is always talking about “ Don’t spend you monies out of town, Keep it here” but spent millions in an out of town cleaning service. If there are sales tax monies in the Cancer Care fund, Why is the Cancer Care Center not been updated or a bigger better building. The Cancer Care Center is the same as it was when my Dad had treatments back in 2000-2005. And, I don’t believe that KleanRUs would not have put in a bid if they had known about it. Unless the bid date had been changed without notifying them. Sorry, Board of Trustees, this just left more unanswered questions

Well remember Randy Green was/is a crook and was so convicted for his crime. He will never go away quietly and is still a bad player.

He is probably venting due to his background with the City of McAlester.

I worked for the hospital and I know that they have done some pretty crappy things, especially to some of their best employees.

The "True Solutions" referred to here is a fake company and "they" and the CEO of MRHC committed multiple counts of tax fraud and have been reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Well stated Tammy Mendenhall.

Crystal Randazzo

Brenda Tubbs

Elizabeth Heflin

REBUTTAL TO MRHCA HOSPITAL BOARD STATEMENT Few facts. Lack of specifics. Indirect denials sums up this MRHCA Board statement. First and foremost, Mrs. Ford and I applaud the MRHCA Board for FINALLY coming into partial compliance with the Oklahoma Open Records Act. Additionally, we applaud the posting of CEO Keith’s contract after we had to previously issue complaints to obtain his contract and bonus payments. We are still hopeful the MRHCA Board will come into full compliance of the Open Records Act so any and all taxpayers know who to contact for hospital records and how they are obtained. Certainly, it is agreed MRHCA is not a municipality but is a municipal trust of the City of McAlester. While the Board’s statement seems to imply there is less statutory requirements, there is in fact, more requirements for a public trust, especially when it comes to contracts and public bidding procedures. CEO Keith should know and apprise the Board public trusts in Oklahoma must comply with BOTH, the Oklahoma Public Bidding Act AND the Public Trust Bidding Law. Based on the documents received from hospital management, a contract without compliance with public bidding laws was entered into by the hospital in 2019. Exacerbating the lack of compliance with the public bidding laws was hospital management bypassing any approval of the MRHCA Hospital Board to waive compliance and to enter into a contract with True Solutions. The Board’s statement fails to address the specific actions of hospital management regarding True Solutions’ contract and subsequent termination of contract. Surely, the Hospital Board is not trying to down play the seriousness of hospital management’s actions of entering into a $6.7 million dollar contract without public bidding or Hospital Board approval. We are hopeful the Hospital Board will clarify its position as to hospital management’s failure to comply with the public bidding laws and obtain Board approval of this contract. While we agree CEO Keith has the right to execute contracts, these contractural obligations must first be approved by the Hospital Board. We are of the opinion, any contract, especially contracts incurring debt can only be approved by a majority vote of the Hospital Board. A contract for $6.7 million dollars was never approved by the Hospital Board based on the documents provided. Regarding CEO Keith’s authority to engage counsel for the MRHCA without Hospital Board action, we disagree. Once again, any contract which involves debt or incurring liability must be approved by the Hospital Board. The Hospital Board statement fails to itemize any false characterizations or slanderous comments made by Mrs. Ford or myself but just a generalized inference. Due to the lack of specifics, we deny any false characterizations and/or slanderous statements. Furthermore, any characterizations or statements critical of the CEO or hospital management is based on documents provided by the hospital. Lastly, CEO Keith is a public employee and by the very nature of such is subject to criticism and taxpayer comment. Mrs. Ford and I were hopeful the Hospital Board would perform its due diligence to investigate a serious complaint involving a $6.7 million dollar contract which bypassed the public bidding laws and the Hospital Board. However, the statement does not mention any investigation or fact finding by the Board and based on our review of the documents, yesterday’s Board meeting was the first time the matter appeared on the Hospital Board agenda. Based on the documents provided by hospital management, Mrs. Ford and I are puzzled how the Board investigated the complaint to overlook the facts of a $6.7 million dollar contract bypassing the public bidding laws and Board approval? In closing, we fail to see any signatures affixed to this Statement or a public recorded vote of the Hospital Board authorizing this statement. We are aware the matter was part of a Executive Session discussion at yesterday’s Board meeting but based on the agenda posting we saw, there was not any scheduled action after the Executive Session which should include authorizing a statement by a public vote.

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Did you know that about half of the public says that they have skipped or postponed medical care because of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak?  11% stated that their symptoms got worse over time. Do not delay your health. Our team stands ready! Call our Southeast Clinic today to schedule your appointment by calling 918-421-4673!

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